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Mexico's first "Try Before You Buy" Auto Insurance App


We assess, score, and improve driving behavior (before and while users are insured), so auto insurers can manage their risk better, improving loss ratio and profitability.


Our nationwide rewards network add clear, immediate and tangible value to drivers, so they are more engaged, improving loyalty and renewal rates.


Our advanced machine-learning algorithms provide auto insurers with driving scores & real-time driving behavior data, which enables amazing segmentation capabilities.

One of the most innovative startups in LatAm

Selected as top 10 By Finnovista in 2019.


The first try before you buy insurance app in Mexico

Our mobile app allows drivers to try a fully customized telematic-based auto insurance product, even before they have an insurance policy. Our technology monitors speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering, and the use of the phone while driving, so insurers can assess the risk before offering an insurance quote, and drivers can know the price, improve their habits and get a better insurance quote.


Our Services

Each auto insurance company has their unique needs. So we offer a full range of services in order to suit each case better and provide the exact solution to improve their telematic offer.

White Label App

Looking for a scalable technology for your telematic solution? We offer a white label app so you can easily have a customized, reliable telematic solution in their poll of services.

Rewards Network

Looking for value-added services to complement your telematic solution? We offer our nationwide rewards network so you can improve customer engagement.

Telematic Data

Looking for data so you can fit your telematic models? We offer the best telematic dataset of Mexican drivers so you can quickly build your models or tropicalize existing ones.

Distribution Channel

We offer an innovative channel for selling insurance, offering prospects and customers information that no-one else can generate, allowing our insurance partners to better segment customers even before they buy insurance.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence algorithms are designed to identify driving patterns automatically. This way we can trigger alerts when we recognize drunk driving, app drivers (such as Uber), a different driver, etc. 

Machine Learning

Our machine learning algorithms are fed with aggregated claims data to detect accidents automatically. This way insurers can have a preventive claim notice so they can expedite their claim process and prevent frauds.

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What we monitor

Smartphones are a super powerfull tool for generating reliable telematic data. We use GPS & accelerometer already built-in smartphones in order to accurately monitor the main factors of driving behavior. And that’s not it… we encourage prudent driving so our users can reduce their risk exposure.


Speeding is the main factor when it comes to accident severity, and it is also an important driver of claims’ frequency. We offer real-time monitoring of speeding events with multiple customized thresholds.


Most of the accidents are due to harsh braking causing many whiplash injuries. We offer real-time monitoring of braking events with multiple customized thresholds.


Hard acceleration is a reflection of road rage behavior, which causes several low severity accidents. We offer real-time monitoring of acceleration events with multiple customized thresholds.


Cornering at an inappropriate speed or from the wrong lane is an important factor when it comes to car crashes and runovers. We offer real-time monitoring of cornering events with multiple customized thresholds.


Most car accidents and runovers are due to texting while driving. We offer real-time monitoring of the use of the phone while driving.

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The Founders

Passionate about data-driven decision making and risk management, we are helping build the future of the auto insurance industry in Mexico.

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them.

Marisol Sánchez Navarrete

This is the perfect time for using the sensors already embedded into smartphones to get cheap, reliable, real-time telematic data.

Omar López Tronco

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